How to claim

The money-back guarantee applies to all of our public seminars in usability.

At the end of the training course, we'll ask you if you think the training will help you do your job better. If you don't think it will, just tell our trainer who will then organise a refund for you.

What else do I get?

A money-back guarantee is just one of the benefits of training from Userfocus.

What else do I get?

The business benefits

“The only thing worse than training employees and having them quit, is not training employees and having them stay.”
— William H. Vanderbilt, Railroad magnate.

Our training curriculum

We have over 30 usability training courses that we can run on your company premises. View our list of usability training courses.

Upcoming courses

We run regular training courses in usability and user experience.

What should I do next?

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