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Overview: Morae Essentials

Morae has rapidly become the tool of choice for people carrying out usability tests. With the insight Morae provides, you can make critical design changes that will improve sales and conversion rates, boost Web site traffic, and increase customer satisfaction. But with the release of Morae 3, the software has become more complex and it's not always clear how to start using Morae to run a usability test, log data and analyse and report the results. The aim of this Morae training seminar is to show you how Morae is used in practice by usability experts.

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"Great checklists and templates to maximise our use of Morae, with useful tips and tricks from the tutor." – Hensen Blaauw, ING.

Printable pdf course description for this seminar

About your trainer

David Travis

This seminar is led by Dr. David Travis, the author of E-Commerce Usability. David has more than 20 years experience in the field of user centred design and regularly writes "tips and tricks" articles on how to use Morae. David has delivered over 100 seminars in usability for a range of private and public sector organisations.

This seminar is aimed at

This workshop is for you if you are involved in carrying out usability tests with Morae. This is a hands-on seminar for usability testing practitioners who want to understand the details in using Morae for usability tests. Delegates receive a 98-page handbook containing hints and tips for using Morae.


To take part in the course, you need:

Before attending the course, please check that your installation works by opening Morae Recorder and running a pilot test. How do I run a pilot test?

You will learn how to

  • Confidently use Morae Recorder to set up and record a usability test, capturing clickstreams and picture-in-picture video.
  • Create video recordings that you can hand to observers the instant the participant has finished.
  • Customise Morae's marker terminology so that it matches your own.
  • Use Morae's built-in survey tool to collect end-of-test participant ratings and comments.
  • Log and observe important moments quickly and accurately (and get hands-on practice by watching real usability tests).
  • Rapidly carry out sophisticated analysis in Morae Manager by creating and saving search profiles.
  • Quickly and automatically analyse data, calculate usability metrics, and create graphs.
  • Assemble graphs and important moments from the recording into a highlights video to share those "ah-ha!" moments.
  • Export your results to Excel and quickly create a bug list to hand to the development team.
  • Use keyboard shortcuts to work faster.

Seminar content

Introduction to Morae

  • Nobody wants to be a beginner: moving towards "intermediate" status
  • The 3 components of Morae
  • When to use Recorder, Observer and Manager

Planning a usability test with Morae

  • Morae Recorder and your usability test plan
  • Describing your study and defining tasks in Morae
  • Replacing Morae's default success scores
  • Preparing for data logging and modifying the default markers
  • Replacing the default post-test survey with the "Computer Usability Satisfaction Questionnaire"

The Pilot test

  • Checking the video and audio
  • Making a test recording
  • Connecting to the test machine with Observer
  • Capturing clickstreams and picture-in-picture video

The Usability test

  • Coding participant behaviour
  • 5 reasons why data logging is important
  • Options for saving the recording file
  • How to create "instant" videos to hand to clients

Using Morae to identify usability problems

  • Cleaning up behavioural observations
  • Using search profiles to find and review the usability problems
  • What makes a good usability problem description?

Measuring usability

  • Logging the start and end of each task
  • How to choose between Morae's various usability statistics

Presenting the data

  • Using Morae's built-in graphing tools
  • How to export your data to Excel
  • Beginner's guide to creating a highlights video

Summary and Wrap-Up

  • Brief review of the key topics
  • Final opportunity for questions

What delegates say about this course

  • "Now I know how to use markers properly I'll be able to analyse data in a lot more depth." – Stephen Chambers, Red Gate Software.
  • "Just to say a huge thanks from the team for a superb training day yesterday. One of the team said it was the best course they’d ever been on." – Kath Moonan, AbilityNet.
  • "Hands-on skills that I can apply in the workplace tomorrow." – Jo Frudd, Cambridge Assessment.
  • "I'll now be able to use Morae for more than just screen capture." – Tom Randle, Red Gate Software.
  • "Many practical exercises, exactly what I hoped for." – Magdalena Weglowska, University of Cambridge.
  • "Full of content that I can use straightaway." – Kim Byers, Tamar.

What do I get when I book this course?

  • 1 day training course with a usability expert.
  • Practical checklists, worksheets and extensive notes to take home.
  • 24/7 support to help you apply your learning.
  • A proper, air-conditioned learning environment.
  • CPD-approved course attendance certificate.
  • A 2-course lunch and refreshments throughout the day.
  • A money-back guarantee.

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This course lasts one day.

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