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Overview: Web Usability: An Introduction to User Experience

There are dozens of books and web sites dedicated to user experience and web usability, but few of these provide the ‘big picture’. The aim of this course is to help delegates design better web sites by showing how the various user experience tools and techniques fit into real-world design and development processes. This web usability training course will give you hands-on practice in all the key areas of usability, from identifying your customers through to usability testing your web site with them.

Over the two-day course, delegates engage in a practical design activity that helps them discover the usability secrets behind web development. The activity covers the full design lifecycle, including business requirements, customer needs, page and site design, prototyping and usability testing.

“The training showed me how to put theory into practice in a way that will actually make a difference to our business.”
– Sam Glover, B&Q.

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About your trainer

David Travis

This seminar is led by Dr. David Travis, the author of E-Commerce Usability. David has more than 20 years experience in the field of user centred design and has delivered over 100 seminars in usability for a range of private and public sector organisations.

This web usability training seminar is aimed at

  • Software developers who want to learn techniques for designing better web sites.
  • Business analysts who want quick and effective tools for communicating requirements of web users.
  • Interface designers who want to learn methods for testing and evaluating their web designs.
  • Project managers who want a full lifecycle process for introducing usability into their web project.
  • Marketing managers who want to find out about the business and brand benefits of user experience.
  • Web site designers who want to understand the principles of human-centred design.

By attending our training course in Web Usability, you will learn how to

  • Describe a proven, user centred design framework that supports end-to-end usability involvement in web projects (based on ISO 9241-210).
  • Use personas to share information about customers and their tasks in an engaging and usable way.
  • Develop cheap, throwaway prototypes to get quick and frequent feedback from your users.
  • Specify usability metrics to make sure your web site is neither under- nor over-engineered.
  • Get hands on practice with user experience techniques like personas, card sorting, contextual inquiry and heuristic evaluation.
  • Learn about different methods for usability testing web sites and when to apply them.
  • Network with other professionals carrying out user experience activities in different companies.

Seminar content

Introduction and Objectives

  • Syndicate Activity: What is usability (product evaluation)?
  • Understand the four principles of human centred design
  • Waterfall, agile and iterative design methods

Going where the action is: Understanding users in context

  • See examples of how usability depends on the “context of use”
  • Penetrate deep into the world of your users with contextual inquiry
  • Learn what it is that customers actually want to do with your web site
  • Master the 5 habits of highly effective field researchers
  • Synthesize your findings in a user experience map

How to get niche quick

  • See examples of personas from real-world projects
  • Walkthrough a persona case study
  • Learn simple but powerful data analysis techniques for classifying and grouping your users
  • Create personas your design team will believe in
  • Make use of the PERSONA acronym to diagnose shoddy personas
  • Syndicate activity: Create a persona for Holly Hall Farm Organics

What can a London bus teach us about usability?

  • Build bulletproof user stories for agile by focusing on red routes
  • Boost the quality of your user stories with 4 simple questions
  • Syndicate activity: Create red routes and user stories for Holly Hall Farm Organics

Beyond “easy to use”: Measuring the user experience

  • Apply lessons from the Lean Startup movement to your own web design projects
  • Generate web user experience metrics from business objectives
  • Learn how to measure effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction — the cornerstones of the ISO definition of usability
  • Develop a UX value proposition and a user experience dashboard

Site structure and navigation: Finding is the new doing

  • Overcome complex web navigation with a knowledge of information architecture
  • Organising content with the LATCH model
  • Syndicate activity: How to use online and offline card sorts to structure your web site’s functionality
  • Master conceptual models, mental models and skeuomorphic design

Simple rules for designing simple pages

  • Explore fundamental web user interface components and learn when to use them properly
  • Web user interface patterns and consistency
  • Remove complexity from your web pages with progressive disclosure
  • Establish CRAP ways to improve usability: contrast, repetition, alignment and proximity
  • Syndicate activity: Form redesign
  • Transform your design process with paper prototyping
  • Syndicate activity: Create a paper prototype for Holly Hall Farm Organics

“And I have the data to prove it”: How to assess your user interface

  • Learn the 10 heuristics of user interface design
  • Discover the usability bloopers hidden in your web site with an expert review
  • Distinguish what people do from what people say with usability testing
  • Learn the skills needed to moderate your own web site usability test
  • Syndicate activity: Run a usability test of your Holly Hall Farm Organics prototype

What delegates say about our web usability training

  • “Lots of practical things I can take away and use immediately.” – Frances Taylor, British Library.
  • “Great tutor – effective in identifying the goals of each student and fulfilling them throughout the course. The course was also fun!” – Shelley Thomas, Betfair.
  • “The mix of theory and practical tasks was fab. I'll definitely be using the techniques for personas and paper prototyping.” – Catriona Begg, Standard Life.
  • “I now know how to include usability principles and testing in deadline-driven projects.” – Susie Bowden, Asda / Wal-Mart.
  • “This course has given me real direction in what I should be doing as a usability analyst. The trainer was fantastic!” – Alice Barrett, B&Q.
  • “I've learnt techniques to involve the design team earlier in the requirements gathering process.” – Ana Jakimovska, Which?
  • “The real-life examples really bring the theory to life.” – Andrew Talaga, Vodafone.
  • “A great balance between presentation and audience participation that really helped put the focus back into user-led design.” – Grant Neville, lastminute.com.
  • “Practical and realistic methods for creating usable web sites.” – Henny Derbasani, T-Mobile.
  • “As a programmer, I wondered if the course would be relevant to me. In fact, the course was really relevant and it was nice to think of the users for a change as well as how to code web pages.” – Victoria Boulton, FirstDirect.
  • “A really good balance of theory and practice giving background and sources.” – Sonia Hudson, Virgin Media.
  • “Anyone planning a web usability initiative should attend this seminar first.” – Glenn Sutherland, Department for Transport.

Free refresher training

Our usability training continues after you leave the seminar. People that attend "Web usability" are eligible for free refresher training. After the seminar, we'll send you a series of follow up articles highlighting different aspects of the training, specifically written to help you apply what you learnt. See an example lesson.

What do I get when I book this course?

  • 2 day training course with a usability expert.
  • Lifetime, free access to our online UX training course on Udemy.
  • Practical checklists, worksheets and extensive notes to take home.
  • Free, follow-up refresher training.
  • 24/7 support to help you apply your learning.
  • A proper, air-conditioned learning environment.
  • CPD-approved course attendance certificate.
  • A 2-course lunch on both days and refreshments throughout the course.
  • A money-back guarantee.

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This web usability training lasts two days.

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