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Hotel pricing is very seasonal and the prices quoted on this page will be inaccurate at very busy periods (such as the Summer).

For more choice, search Expedia or for hotels in Mayfair (close by our office), Covent Garden (2 tube stops from Piccadilly) and Kensington (4 tube stops from Piccadilly).

Hotels very close by

Le Meridien Piccadilly (5 star)
Luxury hotel with rooms from around £350 per night. One minute from our office.

Hotels a short tube journey away

The St Giles Hotel (3 star)
Popular tourist hotel close to gadget shops on Tottenham Ct Road. Rates around £100 a room. 2 tubes stops from our office (including one change of line) or a 15-minute walk.
Strand Palace Hotel (3 star)
In Covent Garden, the heart of the theatre district, with rates from £160 a room. 2 tube stops from our office or a 20 minute walk.
Millennium Bailey's Hotel (4 star)
An intimate hotel also near Gloucester Road tube station. Rooms start at about £150 per night.

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