What our consulting clients say

“Continually delighted with their expertise and pragmatic solutions, we engage Userfocus in most of our key strategic initiatives. We work with only a few select external partners, and Userfocus is at the top of our short list.” — Ali Vassigh, Whirlpool Corporation.
“We have all found the report extremely useful. It is very clear, thorough and practical. Not only has it highlighted specific usability problems, it has also given us a much better understanding of how we need to think about the site as a whole. Working with you has been enjoyable, enlightening and productive. Thanks for the excellent work you have done with us.” — Mike Jones, Nottinghamshire County Council.
“Userfocus achieved excellent results, providing an extremely through and disciplined review of the Western Union UK web site that has enabled us to make significant improvements to the online user experience.” — Richard Harris, Director of Online Marketing, Western Union.
“Your presentation met all our requirements and was a real eye-opener.” — Kathy Neuss, Orange.
“The information was invaluable in helping us identify key areas for change within our organisation.” — Kathryn de Ferrer, WoltersKluwer UK.
“Userfocus' report was packed with action-oriented recommendations, with specific ideas on how to improve the usability of our site.” — Jason Lansell, Thomas Cook UK.
“You did a thorough job capturing a whole bunch of issues.” — Kari Compton Rishel, Hewlett-Packard Company.
“The report gave us a concise and in-depth insight into our web site and its usability.” — Tom Samuels, Getmapping Plc.
“Userfocus' report was very well written, detailed and extremely easy to read and understand. It reinforced and supported many of our own opinions, while identifying issues that we just hadn't noticed or had become so 'used to' that we missed them.” — Project Manager, Public Sector Organisation.
“I'm very pleased with the results from the card sort — I think the recommended wireframe is a huge improvement on what we currently have.” — Intranet Manager, Private Sector Organisation.

What our training delegates say

“We are a research consultancy with a strong business need for SPSS training but had not been able to find anything that suited our budget and requirements elsewhere in the market. Userfocus were excellent at tailoring their considerable capabilities to what we wanted. Within two weeks, we had arranged in-house training at our offices that gave us in-depth interactive experience of working with data, learning about various statistical tests and got everyone thinking about the commercial applications of SPSS. Our trainer was excellent — engaging and very enthusiastic. I would give this company the highest possible recommendation.” – Tasha Vashisht, FreshMinds Research.
“Before I attended the course I had heard a lot about you and the work that you do so I had very high expectations of what the course would be like. Even so, you managed to exceed all of my expectations.” — Limara Bishop, Orange.
“Just to say thanks very much for making the effort to tune the course to our sector and requirements. I think it really paid off and you engaged everyone. It's certainly going to influence how we move forward. The mix of practical and theory was well judged.” — Jon Wyatt, Espresso Education.
“Just to say a huge thanks from the team for a superb training day yesterday. One of the team said it was the best course they'd ever been on.” — Kath Moonan, AbilityNet.
“Again, many thanks for yesterday's training session and I would like to mirror the response you received by confirming the positivity I heard after you departed. We had a group discussion after the training and everybody was very upbeat and looking forward to putting their new skills into practise.” — Phil Merrifield, ITW Finishing.
“The training showed me how to put theory into practice in a way that will actually make a difference to our business.” — Sam Glover, B&Q.
“Invaluable.” — Karen Lapwood, Orange.
“The course was concise and engaging, covering exactly what we needed to progress our accessibility efforts. Unlike many web training courses which teach the obvious or bog you down with detail, this one was right on the money.” — Jon Ingram, University of Wales, Newport.
“Very informative and engaging.” — Caroline Moxley, Herefordshire Council.
“I found this excellent course most thought provoking and inspiring. I'm already thinking of ways to work UCD into our current processes and methodology.” — Sally Morales, BUPA.
“It's been one of those rare training events when I can't wait to put my learning into practice.” — James O'Malley, Department for Work and Pensions.
“Excellent 'demystifying' of International Standards.” — Daniel Griffiths, LexisNexis.
“This was a really good consolidation of all the reading I have done and all the techniques I have learnt through witnessing second hand” — Emily Foges, Betfair.
“The real-life examples really bring the theory to life.” — Andrew Talaga, Vodafone.
“Practical and realistic methods for creating usable web sites.” — Henny Derbasani, T-Mobile.
“A practical, interactive and informative course that has given me more insight into the tools I need to test usability.” — Rachel Cummings, Health & Safety Laboratory.
“Anyone planning a web usability initiative should attend this seminar first” — Glenn Sutherland, Department for Transport.
“Every company that develops software would benefit from this course. It truly focuses the mind on the importance of usability.” — Michele Thorns, Sage UK Ltd.
“The course clarified a major sticking point for me — the difference between a heuristic evaluation and a cognitive walkthrough. I also found the information about different sets of heuristics to be very useful.” — Emma Pickering, Ordnance Survey.

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