E-commerce Usability: Usability Survival Kit

Are you customer centred?

The first step in usability survival is to make sure that your development process is customer centred. This means making sure that customers are involved in the design and evaluation of the system.

This page reproduces an assessment form from the book "E-commerce Usability", in Excel format. The test will help you measure where you are now and provide a framework to help you improve. Use this to work out the strengths and weaknesses in your current process.

“These are tools and techniques that the entire design team can use, not just for those 'weird usability people'.”
— Keith Instone, founder of usableweb.com.

To view a larger image of the lifecycle model in a pop-up window, click on the image.

A model of user centred design

You can also download two of the worksheets from the book (using the links on the right). The book contains a further seven worksheets to help you through each stage of the customer centred design process.

Find out some more about the book.

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