What is a web accessibility audit?

A web accessibility audit is an expert evaluation of your web site against accessibility guidelines and standards. Complying with these standards ensures that disabled people can use your web site.  

“The information was invaluable in helping us identify key areas for change within our organisation.”
– Kathryn de Ferrer, eCRM manager, WoltersKluwer UK.

Why do a web accessibility audit?

Web sites that are not accessible run the risk of costly legal settlements and a potential loss of business by being “named and shamed” by pressure groups. As well as the reduced risk of litigation, accessible web sites rank higher in Google, they are easier to maintain, they increase brand equity and they can be used more easily by the large group of people who surf the web with new technologies like mobile phones.

Case Study: Accessibility audit of a large family of web sites

Part III of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) places legal obligations on service providers to make their products accessible to disabled people. We were commissioned by WoltersKluwer UK to provide practical guidance on making their "Croner" branded family of web sites accessible. These web sites comprise many thousands of pages. Read accessibility case study.

When should I do a web accessibility audit?

You can do web accessibility audit once web pages have been coded. An additional benefit of taking an accessibility audit from Userfocus is that we can simultaneously carry out a expert usability review. Accessibility is no guarantee of usability. Our expertise in both areas means you can achieve both of these objectives at the same time.

Our approach to web accessibility audits

Our approach complies with the evaluation strategy recommended by the W3C’s Web Accessibility Initiative.

Our accessibility audit has three steps:

  • Compatibility testing with various browsers, resolutions, and markup validation tools.
  • Site evaluation using automated tools.
  • Manual accessibility evaluation of sample pages in the site.

Once we have completed the review we count the number of non-compliances, and from this determine the site’s overall accessibility rating. If a high enough accessibility rating is gained then web pages in the site may claim single A, double A or triple A compliance.

What do I get?

Our reports normally run to about 30 pages and we present our results at various levels of detail.

  • Our executive summary shows strengths and weaknesses of the site at-a-glance, including the level of accessibility attained.  
  • The body of the report offers practical solutions to any violations that we find.
  • We illustrate many of the problems with screen shots to help you understand the problem from the disabled user’s perspective.
  • We prioritise the violations so you know which ones to fix first.
  • We then make practical design suggestions to show you how to fix problems quickly.

All feedback is specific, balanced, honest and solution-oriented.

Why Userfocus?

In an increasingly litigious world, you need a firm that knows how courts interpret standards and guidelines in determining liability. With our background in standards, we understand the legal implications of accessibility. We have the experience and expertise to identify breaches of the Disability Discrimination Act that are likely to be successful in court.

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