Your business challenges

We provide practical and realistic solutions to your business challenges.

We help you do the following:

  • Increase usage, loyalty and brand value by providing audiences with experiences that are useful, usable, and desirable.
  • Identify profitable products, services and e-commerce initiatives by systematically analysing real data showing the way your customers behave.
  • Increase productivity and effectiveness by prioritising features and services through actionable prototypes.
  • Generate rapid ROI and gain quicker time to market by avoiding big changes late in development.
  • Make informed investment and operational decisions about your business backed by reliable and robust customer data.
  • Reduce lifecycle costs by improving communication between development, marketing and external contractors.
  • Reduce litigation risks by tailoring your business processes to meet disability laws and international ergonomics standards.

Our technical solutions

Our consultancy and training services will help your organisation set direction and maximise business performance. We will:

  • Tailor your product to market needs through rigorous user testing.
  • Identify your competitors' weaknesses by collecting performance-based customer data.
  • Measure your customers' brand experience using the Desirability Toolkit and Accompanied Browsing.
  • Track and measure web site visitor behaviour with 100% accuracy using our web analytics tool.
  • Eradicate design bloopers through expert reviews of web services and design prototypes.
  • Ensure best practice by establishing conformance to ergonomics legislation and standards.
  • Achieve accessibility through user testing and audits to W3C and e-Envoy guidelines.
  • Identify new products and services through contextual analysis of customers.
  • Focus the design effort by establishing personas and scenarios.
  • Accomplish rapid, iterative design through paper prototyping.
  • Realise consistent design by developing and implementing Style Guides.
  • Keep projects on track by agreeing key performance indicators.

The business benefits

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From our case study files

We were commissioned by Orange to help the company develop methods for specifying and measuring the usability of its web site so that it could be regularly benchmarked against the competition. Find out what we did. Benchmarking case study.

User experience research

Our user experience research services will help you understand your users and their goals. Find out what we offer. UX research services.

Consultancy services

If you're interested in the business benefits of usability, try these services.

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