Evidence-based design

Managers, the design team, your design agency — they all have strong opinions about your system but these are assumptions. We reject opinion in favour of real-world, behavioural data from the people that matter: your customers. Our UX consultancy services focus on improving bottom-line performance measures, like revenue, conversion rate, customer loyalty scores, employee productivity and usage rate. We set specific, measurable usability goals for your product: goals like raising conversion rates from 3% to 5% or reducing CS calls by 20% through improved user support.

Quality data, expertly analysed, clearly presented

We know that customer research stands or falls by the quality of the data. So when you compare us against the competition, make sure you compare like with like. We'll resource your project with consultants who have at least 10 years experience in the field. Consultants that have published books on UX. Consultants with PhDs and reputations in user experience. In contrast, you may find that our competitors resource your project with a newly-qualified graduate or one of their freelance friends. When you hire Userfocus, you get Userfocus, not a less qualified "B" team.

Independent and unbiased

Our focus is exclusively on user experience. We're not a design agency and we don't write code. This means we're able to concentrate on one thing: what works for your customers, with no hidden agenda. Because we are independent and unbiased, our clients listen to what we have to say.

Practical and realistic solutions

Our consultants have practical experience of working on projects like yours and they have been around long enough to know what works in your particular situation. With hundreds of user experience projects under their belts, our highly qualified consultants have the practical experience to back up their assertions. This makes our advice specific, balanced, honest and solution-oriented. Want proof? Read our UX case studies or see what our clients say about us.

True multichannel experience

Of course we work on software and web sites, but our experience is much wider than this. We also work on the user experience of real products, such as game controllers, bank card authentication systems and microwave ovens. Our experience covers mobile, desktop, web, interactive TV, kiosks, consumer products, speech, interactive voice response (IVR), and Intranet solutions for clients in the public and private sector. This gives us the broad, practical experience to know what will work in your specific situation.

The business benefits

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From our case study files

Following a major redesign of their web site, this High St retailer wanted to identify and fix the usability issues encountered by customers when searching, selecting and purchasing products. Find out what we did. Usability testing case study.

User experience research

Our user experience research services will help you understand your users and their goals. Find out what we offer. UX research services.

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