What is electronic prototyping?

The goal of electronic prototyping is to create a user interface that looks and behaves as if it's been fully coded and implemented. In reality, the prototype will support only certain critical user journeys but because we ask users to carry out these very tasks they often believe they are working with a real system. Because electronic prototypes look and feel very responsive, this makes them excellent candidates for evaluating detailed interactions, navigation and page layout.

Why do electronic prototyping?

Electronic prototyping is a rapid way to incorporate direct feedback from real users into a design. Parts of the system that would normally take weeks or months to code can be simulated in a very realistic manner and usability tested as if it is the final system.

When should I do electronic prototyping?

Electronic prototyping is usually carried out once the overall flows and functionality have been agreed. If your project is not yet at this stage, paper prototyping might be a better option.

Our approach to electronic prototyping

Electronic prototyping is part of an iterative design approach and is usually the next stage after paper prototyping. We identify the critical user journeys and then develop an electronic mock-up that supports these activities. We then show the prototype to participants and ask them to carry out certain tasks.

Why Userfocus?

Our focus is exclusively on usability. We're not a design agency and we don't write code. This means we're able to concentrate on one thing: prototypes that work for your customers, with no hidden agenda.

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