Is your company's end-of-year approaching?

Is your company’s end-of-year approaching? Do you need to be invoiced in this financial year for UX training or consultancy work that you want us to carry out in the next financial year? Here’s some ideas for how you can spend the money now.

  • You can pay in advance for any of our public training courseseven ones that aren’t scheduled. £475 guarantees a place on a 1-day course and £725 guarantees a place on a 2-day course. If the course isn’t scheduled and you book 4 places, we’ll even guarantee to run the course within the next 6 months on a date that suits you.
  • You can pay any amount towards an in-house training course. In-house training allows us to tailor the material to the needs of your team and you don't need a specialised training facility (we can deliver our seminars in any quiet room in your office). In-house courses start at £2430 and you can pay the full amount in advance or you can make part-payment that we’ll apply as a credit to the final invoice.
  • You can invest in our on-going UX support package. £540 buys you 3-hours and £2160 buys you 12 hours of support from one of our consultants. You’ll be surprised at how much we can achieve within these timescales, such as writing a test plan for a usability test, creating user personas based on your own research data and evaluating a homepage design from your design agency.
  • You can pay any amount towards our usability consultancy services, such as usability testing, prototyping and field research with users.

We accept payment by credit card or we can invoice you.

By spending the money now, you’ll be able to set it against your company’s tax liability for this financial year.

And if your company have a ‘use-it-or-lose-it’ policy, you’ll be able to guarantee your team or department gets the UX research support they need in the next financial year.

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