What is a usability expert review?

Our human factors experts use your product or system and measure the user experience against international usability standards, legislative requirements and proven, best practice principles from the psychology of persuasion. We cover usability areas such as functionality, visual design, efficiency, learnability, navigation and consistency.

“Userfocus achieved excellent results, providing an extremely through and disciplined review of the Western Union UK web site that has enabled us to make significant improvements to the online user experience.”
– Richard Harris, Director of Online Marketing, Western Union.

Why do a usability expert review?

A usability expert review has the benefit of speed – a report is normally delivered within a week – and it will eradicate any "usability bloopers" with the product or system. This will improve the quality of your product and enrich the user experience.

Case study: Usability Expert Review

Western Union's web site allows customers to transfer money abroad. Western Union contacted us to identify the usability strengths and weaknesses of the site and to provide suggestions for design improvements that would help both new users and returning users. The review needed to be carried out on both the English and French versions of the web site. Read expert review case study.

When should I do a usability expert review?

You can do a usability expert review anytime. If you do it early in the design process you can build the findings into wireframes and design concepts. If you do it late in development you can anticipate user problems and design workarounds.

Our approach to usability expert reviews

Because our evaluation is based on the guidance in International Standards (such as EN ISO 9241-110 and EN ISO 9241-12) you can be sure that the problems we find are real and not just someone’s opinion. Our proprietary technique also helps you to compare measurements over time and across different sites, so you can assess the benefit of any design changes and see how you stack up against the competition.

What do I get?

Our reports normally run to about 30 pages and we present our results at various levels of detail. All feedback is specific, balanced, honest and solution-oriented.

  • We give the product or system an overall usability score so you can compare it with your competitors.
  • Our executive summary shows strengths and weaknesses of the product at-a-glance.
  • The body of the report offers practical solutions to any problems that we find.
  • We illustrate many of the problems with screen shots to help you understand the problem from the user’s perspective.
  • We prioritise the problems according to their impact on users, so you know which ones to fix first.
  • We then make practical design suggestions to show you how to fix problems quickly.

Why Userfocus?

Our background in usability standards means we can go beyond a typical usability audit and provide an interpretation of what the standard actually means — this is especially useful when there are ambiguities over the interpretation of particular guidelines. In addition, our consultants have many years experience working with product design teams and they know how to phrase recommendations in the language that designers can use. Our reports and presentations turn expert reviews into action: they are specific, balanced, honest and solution-oriented.

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