On-going UX Support Package

If you don't yet have a full-time UX professional in your company or if you're having problems recruiting the right calibre of person or if you just need occasional specialised support, our UX support package offers a cost effective way for you to incorporate our consultants into your development team.

How it works

Our UX support package gives you immediate access to a named consultant in our company who you'll be able to reach by email, mobile or office phone. If for some reason your named consultant isn't available, you'll get backup support from our highly qualified and experienced consultant team.

Our UX support package is flexible, which means you can ask your consultant to work on a problem for anything from 30 minutes to several hours. Our consultant can work on your problem in our office or on your company premises, whichever is more convenient for you.

Example projects

Here are the kinds of activities our consultants can complete within these timescales:

  • Write a test plan for a usability test
  • Review a design
  • Prepare a test participant screener
  • Assess a web page for accessibility
  • Create user personas based on your own research data
  • Interview UX job applicants
  • Join your team on a conference call
  • Analyse the data from a survey
  • Help you prepare for a contextual inquiry
  • Review the terminology used in an interactive voice response system
  • Provide a usability expert review of a wireframe
  • Answer a question about usability or accessibility standards
  • Evaluate a homepage design from your design agency
  • Re-write a company policy so that it's suitable for your Intranet

Why Userfocus?

We focus on knowledge transfer. As part of our ongoing UX support, we'll leave you with a legacy of tools and techniques to help transfer our skills and experience into your business. This will help programmers and graphic designers see the impact of their decisions on the user experience and help strategists and marketers recognise designs that work.

What it costs

We offer 4 packages, based on the amount of support you anticipate needing per month.

Total monthly support costs
Hours per month Cost per month
3 hours £540 + VAT
6 hours £1080 + VAT
9 hours £1620 + VAT
12 hours £2160 + VAT

If you anticipate needing more than 12 hours support/month, it will be more cost effective to commision us at our day rate of 1295 + VAT.

What next?

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