What is a user experience vision?

The user experience vision is a positive and inspiring future view of how customers will interact with your product once it has been completed. It can take the form of a textual description, a cartoon, a storyboard or a video. The user experience vision provides an agreed design goal for the management and development teams.

Why create a user experience vision?

The user experience vision helps break the development team out of technology-centric thinking. It promotes interest and commitment and builds loyalty through commitment to the design goals. It ensures that the customer is placed at the centre of the design, which means that you can identify and correct deviations from the intended goal during development.

When should I create a user experience vision?

A user experience vision needs to be created at the beginning of a design project.

Our approach to creating a user experience vision

We work with the design team to define a user experience that will differentiate your organisation from competitors. The vision will focus on what matters most to customers. We achieve this by carrying out design activities like "KJ Analysis" and "Design the Box". These are collaborative and creative exercises that help the development team consider different views and standpoints. Because people work in small groups, it allows assumptions to be challenged in a non-threatening manner.

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