What are wireframes?

Wireframes are early design deliverables. They show how web pages will be laid out and how the pages will work together as a group. Wireframes are produced before the design agency creates the look and feel of the web site.

Our web site is one of the UK’s highest revenue e-commerce stores and small improvements in usability can have a large impact on sales. The usability research paid for itself many times over.”
– e-Commerce Manager, High Street brand.

Why do wireframing?

Because wireframes do not attempt to show the visual design of the web site, they help the design team stay focused on the key functions of each page without getting distracted by issues like the use of colour, images and icons.

This helps ensure that your web site will support users in completing their key tasks.

When should I do wireframing?

Wireframes are early design concepts, so wireframing should be carried out in the early stages of a project.

Our approach to wireframing

  • We work with you to understand the business and user goals of the site. During this phase, we may carry out a card sorting activity and develop paper prototypes.
  • We combine the information into wireframes. Depending on the level of fidelity required, these can be delivered as a set of screenshots, a deck of slides in PowerPoint or an interactive wireframe created in Axure.

Why Userfocus?

Our consultants have a track record of success on similar projects, having designed, prototyped and tested wireframes for a number of clients. Our advice is pragmatic and firmly grounded in the commercial realism of web development. Our assignments have shown us what works and we have the practical experience to back up our assertions.

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