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It's such a relief to read something so very practical without a lot of unnecessary waffle. I really enjoyed this nicely presented book… it's such a good read.”
— Xristine Faulkner, reviewed in Interfaces, (Winter 2003).

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E-Commerce Usability cover

E-Commerce Usability

This book is for people who want to improve the usability of their e-commerce site. The premise is a simple one: usability needs to be a "built in" process, not a "bolt-on" activity. The book describes an end-to-end user-centred design process, based on ISO 13407, and shows how it can be applied to e-commerce development. This book introduced the notion of "customer centred design".

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Is your site customer centred?

PART I: Analyse the opportunity

  • Identify the stakeholders
  • Write the site mandate
  • Segment the market

PART II: Build the context of use

  • Build customer profiles
  • Build environment profiles
  • Build task profiles

PART III: Create the user experience

  • Agree key performance indicators
  • Develop the information architecture
  • Lay out the screens
  • Evaluate usability

PART IV: Track real-world usage and continuously improve the site

  • 13 Track real-world usage and continuously improve the site
  • 14 What now?
E-Commerce Usability is an excellent guide for practitioners involved in developing e-commerce sites. Its broad treatment of usability and marketing makes it a great resource for those involved in consumer product development.”
— Steve Fadden, reviewed in Ergonomics In Design, (Summer 2004).
“Dr Travis knows the web territory well, and he lays out a clear map for newcomers to follow.”
— Ben Shneiderman.
“David Travis has written this book to give you the usability tools that you need to succeed. Learn how to target customers, gather usability data, and continuously improve your site once it has been launched. Read this book to avoid e-commerce failures. Read this book to survive. Read this book to win.”
— John Rhodes.
“The customer centred design methods described in this book help teams to better deliver customer value consistently, learning as they go and leveraging from their previous successes. Dr Travis has been instrumental in building these capabilities in several development teams with HP.”
— Debbie Mrazek.
“These are tools and techniques that the entire design team can use, not just for those weird usability people.”
— Keith Instone.

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