Training room requirements for an in-house course

Room layout

We can deliver our seminars in any quiet room in your office: you do not need a specialised training facility.

  • Arrange chairs and desks in workshop format with delegates seated in pairs.
  • Breakout rooms are needed for the syndicate exercises for some seminars.
  • For 2-day seminars, it helps if we can leave seminar materials and equipment in the room overnight.


For all seminars, we will need you to provide:

  • A data projector (VGA-compatible) and projection screen.
  • Two flip charts, or one flip chart and a whiteboard.
  • Four flip chart pens in different colours (not yellow).
  • One extension cord with 3 outlets.

For our web accessibility seminars, we also need:

  • A broadband internet connection (wired or wireless).

For our SPSSS seminars, each participant will need:

  • A computer (laptop or desktop) with a licensed copy of SPSS.

The business benefits

“The only thing worse than training employees and having them quit, is not training employees and having them stay.”
— William H. Vanderbilt, Railroad magnate.

Our training curriculum

We have over 30 usability training courses that we can run on your company premises. View our list of usability training courses.

Upcoming courses

We run regular training courses in usability and user experience.

What should I do next?

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