How to design and implement web surveys
Learn how to create and analyse valid and reliable web surveys with this live and interactive, online course.
We bring this course to you—live and instructor-led—via Zoom (2 x 2hr sessions)

What you’ll learn

Control bias

Learn to control the four kinds of bias that affect all web surveys.

Solve your business problem

Discover how to derive survey factors and research questions from your business problem

Create robust questions

Write questions and design rating scales that give valid answers

Pilot test your survey

Practice finding and fixing problems with your survey questions using the cognitive interview

Go live

Implement your survey using tools like SurveyMonkey or Google Forms

Interpret the results

Use descriptive statistics and cross-tabulations to help you take action on your results

We make virtual house calls!

We can bring this training course to you and run it live via Zoom no matter where you are. Virtual UX training allows you to train distributed teams, furloughed workers or when your organisation is social distancing.

How to design and implement web surveys: Course Overview

In this structured online program of 2, instructor-led, workshops, you'll build the skills, confidence and expertise you need to produce valid and reliable surveys.

Delivered live via Zoom and Google Classroom, you'll complete practice projects that take you through the steps of creating a survey from beginning to end.

Through real-time presentations, quizzes and interactive activities, you'll learn the theory of survey design and practice taking a survey live.

In a nutshell

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What students say about this course

Testimonials from delegates who attended the face-to-face version of this course.

"With its good balance of theory and practice, this course has given me the confidence to build a survey from scratch."

Arnaud Pellé, Emerald Publishing Group.

"I now plan to spend more time analysing whether a survey is relevant and working out how to formulate the right questions."

"The approach to pilot testing a survey with an audience was a real eye-opener! Previously I've only shared it with like-minded colleagues so we perhaps didn't get the best response."

About your trainer

David Travis

UX Strategist

This course is led by Dr. David Travis, the author of Think Like a UX Researcher. David has more than 20 years experience in the field of user centred design and has delivered over 200 seminars in user experience for a range of private and public sector organisations.

This training course is aimed at

  • User researchers and market researchers who are new to creating surveys.
  • People who have created a few surveys in the past but were disappointed with the way things went.
  • Survey practitioners who want to understand how to transition to digital survey tools.


When do the sessions take place?

The course comprises 2 x 2-hr workshops, delivered live and instructor-led over Zoom. We schedule the sessions to fit in with your working day. Each session is split into 2 x 1hr periods with a 15min break.

What if I can't make every session?

Each session will be recorded and you'll be able to carry out the practice activities in your own time.

What do I need to take part?

You will need a (free) Google account to take part in the workshops and you will need a device that can access Zoom to attend the workshop sessions. Students enrolled in the course carry out assignments and collaborative work using Google Docs, Survey Monkey and Mural. You can use Zoom and Mural without creating an account.

How does the course run?

How to design and implement web surveys is delivered entirely online. Once you're registered for the program, you’ll be granted access to the course's class page. This is where you'll get links for the live sessions, watch the recordings of previous sessions, submit homework assignments, download slide decks, access project activities and view workshop notes. Class size is limited to 12 delegates to allow maximum time for questions.


The course comprises 2 x 2-hr sessions.

Session 1

2 hrs instructor-led training plus homework

Why carry out a survey?

  • The landscape of user research methods
  • Advantages and disadvantages of web-based surveys
  • The 6 key steps in survey design

Formulate your research question

  • 5 questions to help you formulate your research objective

Identify your population and sample

  • Sampling error, instrument error, nonresponse error and measurement error.

Design the questionnaire

  • The structure of a web survey
  • Using transitions
  • Sources of error in survey questions
  • Quick activity: Fix these questions

The different types of survey question

  • Open-ended questions: textual and numerical
  • Agree/disagree scale
  • Rating scale
  • Categorical
  • Multiple choice
  • Ranking
  • Presentation formats: Matrix questions
  • Logical formats: Skip logic

Session 2

2 hrs instructor-led training

Pilot test the questionnaire

  • The purpose of pilot testing
  • Introduction to cognitive interviewing
  • The four layers of a survey question
  • Quick activity: Pilot test these questions

Collect the data

  • Implementing a web survey
  • Encouraging people to take part
  • What people want to know about your survey
  • Getting people to open your survey invitation: 'Dos and Don'ts'
  • How to improve your response rate
  • Survey invitations: Quick activity

Analyse the data

  • Descriptive and inferential statistics
  • Finding patterns in your data with cross-tabulations
  • Quick activity: Analyse data from an actual study

Wrap up

  • Opportunity for final questions.
  • Development activities.

How do I book?

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