Your business challenge

Organising a usability test outside your home country is fraught with difficulties.

  • How do you co-ordinate sub-contractors across different time zones?
  • How will you recruit appropriate usability test participants and find the right usability test facility?
  • Where can you find translators who understand usability testing?

These problems can seem so insuperable that it's tempting to forego usability testing in Europe. This isn't good for you or your company: the EU is the biggest single developed market in the world, with more than 450 million consumers.

Regions offered

We have contacts throughout Europe which means we can source facilities in any European country. For more information about specific countries, use the links below.

Why Userfocus?

Our consultants have a track record of success on similar projects, having planned and managed international usability tests of hardware and software throughout Europe and the US. We also have access to an extensive network of usability professionals throughout the world, including China, India and Brazil. This means that, should you want to test in a country outside our immediate network, we are well positioned to develop new partnering relationships.

Case study: International usability testing in multiple European countries

We were commissioned by Kodak to assess the experience of its European customers when using Working as a team with Kodak's Director of Usability and Kodak's Manager of Market Research, we planned and executed usability testing in the UK, France and Germany. Read international usability testing case study.

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“I'm viewing the first DVD delivered from France. The recording is fantastic! The transparent reaction overlay looks great and the screen quality is perfect. I have the English translation on one audio track and the original on the other. Thank you!”
– US-based Global IT Manufacturer.

Read more client testimonials.

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