Your Usability Lab in Italy

  • Need to internationalise your software?
  • Need a French perspective on your product?
  • Need to run a usability test in Milan or Rome?

Our solution: Local presence, global connections

With our understanding of the language, culture, people and laws of Italy, we can help you overcome these obstacles.

We have partnered with a number of companies across Italy to offer a network of usability laboratories. These labs meet the international technical standards you would expect, so for example you will get rooms with proper viewing facilities and not have to rely on a video link.

We also have recruiters based in Italy. Not only do they speak the language and understand the territory, but they also know the culture. This means we can get exactly the participants you want.

We also have access to bi-lingual usability professionals. This means we can administer the test for you, or if you prefer we can supply a translator so you can carry out the test yourself. We will also translate the test materials for you (such as task scenarios and questionnaires) as well as the participant comments.

Case study

Usability testing in Europe.


These resources will help you plan your usability test in Italy.

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“I'm viewing the first DVD delivered from France. The recording is fantastic! The transparent reaction overlay looks great and the screen quality is perfect. I have the English translation on one audio track and the original on the other. Thank you!”
– US-based Global IT Manufacturer.

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