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Note: The Visio version of the stencil does not contain all of the graphics. We're in the process of updating it to the latest version. If you want the latest graphics, download an alternative format.


Download Omnigraffle stencil (zip format, 5.8mb)


Download Keynote stencil (zip format, 307kb)


Download Visio stencil (zip format, 894kb)


Download Pencil collection (zip format, 2.1Mb)


Download PDF stencil (PDF format, 196kb)

Installing the stencil


Put the stencil in your Library/Application Support/OmniGraffle/Stencils/ folder (within either the top-level Library folder or your user Library folder).


No installation is necessary. Just open the file.


Put the stencil in your My Documents\My Shapes folder. Launch Visio, then go to the Shapes Icon in the navigation toolbar. Select "My Shapes/UCD Activities & Docs".


Important: Do not unzip the files. Open Firefox, choose "Tools > Pencil sketching…". Right-click in the "Shape Collections" and choose "Install new collection …" Select the zip files you have downloaded.

About the author

Todd Zazelenchuk

Dr. Todd Zazelenchuk (@ToddZazelenchuk on Twitter) holds a BSc in Geography, a BEd, an MSc in Educational Technology and a PhD in Instructional Design. Todd is an associate of Userfocus and works in product design at Plantronics in Santa Cruz, CA where he designs integrated mobile, web, and client-based software applications that enhance the user experience with Plantronics' hardware devices.