Morae for Usability Practitioners

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Targeted at both new and experienced users of Morae, Morae for Usability Practitioners is a step-by-step guide to using Morae 3.3 to plan, execute and analyse usability tests. Packed with insider tips and expert advice, this guide will show you how to use Morae to its full potential.

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63 pages. Last updated March 2015.

A detailed, easy-to-read, structured guide to the latest version of Techsmith's Morae 3.3 including:

  • Expert tips on issues like how to moderate and log simultaneously.
  • How to use Morae in various testing scenarios like a portable test lab and a multi-room setup.
  • How to use the "AutoPilot" feature to run unmoderated usability tests.
  • Step-by-step walkthroughs to teach yourself about Morae's key functions.
  • Exercises and activities that you can carry out to learn the program.
  • Checklists that you can use to confirm you're using Morae to its full potential.
  • Two versions in one: Both a printer-friendly PDF format and a "take anywhere" ePUB that can be read on an iPad, iPhone and almost every e-book reading device.
Morae for Usability Practitioners
Packed with insider tips and step-by-step walkthroughs, this eBook will turn you into a Morae expert.

After you study and apply this guide to Morae, you will be able to:

  • Confidently use Morae Recorder to set up and record a usability test, capturing clickstreams and picture-in-picture video.
  • Create video recordings that you can hand to observers the instant the participant has finished.
  • How to customise Morae's marker terminology and dramatically simplify the process of making observations.
  • Use Morae's built-in survey tool to collect end-of-test participant ratings and comments.
  • Log and observe important moments in a usability test.
  • Quickly analyse data, calculate usability metrics, and create graphs.
  • Assemble graphs and important moments from the recording into a highlights video to share those "ah-ha!" moments.
  • Export your results to Excel and quickly create a bug list to hand to the development team.
  • Use keyboard shortcuts to work faster.
  • Use Morae to do more than just create highlights videos.

Here is the full list of contents for this detailed, 61-page guide to Morae

  • Imprint
  • Lesson 1 Introduction to Morae
  • Lesson 2 Planning a usability test
    • Describing the study
    • Defining the tasks
    • Setting up data logging
    • Setting up the post-test survey
    • Planning a Usability Test: Checklist
  • Lesson 3 The pilot test
    • Checking the picture-in-picture camera
    • Multi-camera setup
    • Checking the audio
    • Making a test recording
    • Connecting to the test machine with Observer
    • Defining capture options
    • Checking disk space
    • The Pilot Test: Checklist
  • Lesson 4 The usability test
    • Greeting the participant
    • Starting the recording
    • Coding the participant's behaviour
    • Saving the recording file
    • The Usability Test: Checklist
  • Lesson 5 Running on AutoPilot
    • How it works
    • How to set up an AutoPilot test
    • AutoPilot: Checklist
  • Lesson 6 Identifying usability problems
    • Cleaning up the behavioural observations
    • How to find and review the usability problems
  • Lesson 7 Measuring usability
    • Logging each task
    • Choosing the most appropriate usability metric
    • Which measure is right for me?
  • Lesson 8 Presenting the data
    • Exporting the list of usability problems to Excel
    • Creating screen shots
    • Developing a highlights video
    • Archiving the Morae file
  • Lesson 9 Becoming an expert
    • How do I...?
    • Short articles on Morae
    • Help improve this guide
  • Lesson 10 Test Yourself!
    • Questions
    • Answers
  • Appendix 1 Morae Manager keyboard shortcuts

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