Usability Test Plan Toolkit

As well as people new to usability, the usability test plan toolkit will benefit experienced usability professionals who want to sanity-check their self-taught methods against international best practice.

Single copy: £9

Delivery method: Electronic download

27 pages. Version 2, last updated June 2016.

Includes fully editable Microsoft Word templates, including:

  • A usability test recruitment screener.
  • A statement of informed consent.
  • Instructions for observers in a usability test.
  • A discussion guide for a usability test.
  • Two usability test questionnaires.
  • A usability test data logging sheet.
  • A detailed checklist for planning a usability test.
  • We even include sample letters to participants for you to send out before and after the usability test sessions!
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Usability Test Plan Toolkit
Deliver more professional usability tests and work more quickly with this practical toolkit.

After you study and apply this usability test plan, you will:

  • Ensure that you're fully prepared for your next usability test.
  • Have a fully completed test plan you can distribute to management and stakeholders.
  • Save time designing usability test forms, templates and proformas. The document includes easy to customise usability test forms.
  • Run a structured usability test that will comply with rigorous standards in usability testing, such as ISO/IEC 23025 "Common Industry Format for Usability Test Reports" and ISO 20282 (parts 2-4) "Ease of Operation of Everyday products".
  • Stop marketing, management or other stakeholders derailing your usability test by getting them to sign up to your usability test plan ahead of the test.
  • Avoid last minute logistical problems by specifying exactly who will deliver what in the usability test.
  • Get detailed instructions on what needs to be written in each section of the usability test plan.
  • Benefit from our practical experience by using the same usability test forms and templates as our usability consultants.
“The kit really helped me and my team plan our usability tests more professionally. The layout of the document is well thought through and it is easy to understand and use. It paid for itself really because it helped us improve our process without investing in a number of more costly alternatives.” — SD, USA.

Here is the full list of contents for this detailed, 27-page usability test plan template

  • Executive Summary
  • Purpose of usability test
    • Aims and objectives of the test
    • What the usability test is not designed to achieve
  • Product under test
    • Description of product
    • Context of use
  • Participants and responsibilities
    • Participants
    • Author
    • Moderator
    • Team Members
  • Evaluation Procedure
    • Location and dates
    • Test facilities
    • Pilot testing
    • Test sessions
  • Test tasks
  • Data collection
    • Data Logging
    • Video recording
    • Usability measures
  • Appendix 1: Recruitment Screener
    • Exclusion questions
    • Internet Experience
    • Domain Experience
    • Demographic questions
    • Note to recruiter
  • Appendix 2: Letters to participants
    • Initial letter or e-mail
    • Follow-up letter or e-mail
    • Thank-You letter or e-mail
  • Appendix 3: Statement of informed consent
    • Purpose of this study
    • Freedom to withdraw
    • Information we will collect
    • Privacy and confidentiality
    • Your agreement
  • Appendix 4: Instructions for Observers
  • Appendix 5: Discussion Guide
  • Appendix 6a: Post-site questionnaire
  • Appendix 6b: Post-site word choice
  • Appendix 7: Data logging sheet
  • Appendix 8: Usability test checklist.

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Customising the usability test plan toolkit

Because this usability testing document is written in Microsoft Word:

  • You can adapt the usability test plan template to fit your own corporate style.
  • Each section of the document contains notes and instructions to help you decide what needs to be included. These instructions are formatted as "hidden text", so they won't appear in your printed usability test plan (even if you print it as a pdf).

But wait, there's more.

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