Userfocus Usability Newsletter, November 2014

Welcome to the November edition of the Userfocus usability and user experience newsletter!

Message from the Editor

This month, I sat down to write Part 2 of an article I wrote back in June. That first article was optimistically titled "Eliciting user goals — Part 1" and every time I scrolled past it on the article index page, I had this uncomfortable feeling that someone, somewhere was reloading the page, waiting for a Part 2 that never came.

"Come on Travis!" this imaginary person said, tapping her watch. "Where's Part 2, eh?"

The reality of course is that no-one really cares, but it keeps me motivated.

Anyway, as I sat down to write Part 2, I realised that there are in fact dozens of user research techniques that I could write about. So instead of a Part 2, I elected to create a whole new article titled "60 ways to understand user needs that aren't focus groups or surveys".

I hope you find it useful.

David Travis

Feature article: 60 ways to understand user needs that aren't focus groups or surveys

People new to user research often think of surveys and focus groups as the main ways to get insights into customer needs. Here are 60 alternative ideas you might want to try. Read the article in full: 60 ways to understand user needs that aren't focus groups or surveys.

Introduction to ISO 9241 - Free update

We've recently updated our eBook on the multi-part usability standard, ISO 9241. (We used to call this the "Bluffers' Guide to ISO 9241" but after we had our knuckles rapped by the firm that owns the copyright on "Bluffers Guides", we changed the title). Updates are free to registered users and if you've purchased this eBook in the past, you should have received an email with a download link. If you'd like to buy a copy, it's '9. More details: ISO 9241 for Beginners.

What we’re reading

Some interesting usability-related articles that got our attention over the last month:

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User Experience quotation of the month

“User researcher's fallacy: 'My job is to learn about users'. Truth: 'My job is to help my team learn about users'.” — Caroline Jarrett.

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