Improving your impact as a user researcher: strategy, tactics and personal development
Identify your strengths and areas for improvement while boosting your team's UX maturity in this live and interactive, online course
We bring this course to you—live and instructor-led—via Zoom (4 x 2hr sessions)

What you’ll learn

Plot the landscape

Choose the most appropriate user research methods for a project in Discovery, Alpha, Beta and Live

Identify the skills

Pinpoint your personal strengths in user research and the areas you need to develop

Persuade the team

Confidently stand your ground with project team members and executive management critical of user research

Measure UX Maturity

Discover how to boost the UX maturity of your Scrum team and of your organisation

Showcase your work

Practise creating a portfolio entry or case study to position user research with executive management

Develop a strategic plan

Predict what the future holds for user research and determine how best to position yourself

We make virtual house calls!

We can bring this training course to you and run it live via Zoom no matter where you are. Virtual UX training allows you to train distributed teams, furloughed workers or when your organisation is social distancing.

Improving your impact as a user researcher: Course Overview

In this structured online program of instructor-led workshops, you'll practise the skills you need to influence your organisation at a strategic level. You’ll discover how to better communicate your own, and your group’s, value add.

Delivered live via Zoom and Google Classroom, you'll complete 7 project activities designed to take your user research skills to the next level.

To help you improve your impact, this course goes way beyond superficial tips and tricks for running user research sessions. Instead, it shows you how to pinpoint your own strengths and areas for improvement in user research — as well as those of your team and your organisation, so you can deliver your research work more effectively.

In a nutshell

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What students say about this course

Testimonials from delegates who attended the face-to-face version of this course.

"Most valuable 2 days I've spent in my UX career."

Iain Kerr, Student Loans Company.

"The training has given me exciting new ways to approach problems as a UX Consultant. Compelling stories, games and activities will all help with this."

Alex Michie, Sopra Steria.

"Really enjoyed it. I now realise that with immature organisations it’s more important for small, steady improvements and not trying to do things perfectly straight away."

Paul Welsh, HMRC.

About your trainer

David Travis

UX Strategist

This course is delivered live by Dr. David Travis, the author of Think Like a UX Researcher. David has worked client- and agency-side as a user researcher and he has provided strategic UX support for clients in both the public and private sector. He has more than 20 years experience in the field of user research and has delivered over 250 live seminars for a variety of organisations.

This training course is aimed at

  • User researchers, design researchers and UX researchers who have a minimum of three years practical experience in the role and have knowledge of a range of user research methods.
  • People with experience managing or leading teams responsible for user experience.
  • Managers or senior user researchers charged with championing user-centred design.


When do the sessions take place?

The course comprises 4 x 2-hr sessions, delivered live and instructor-led over Zoom. We schedule the sessions to fit in with your working day, for example, 2 days per week over 2 weeks. Each session is split into 2 x 1hr periods with a 15min break.

What if I can't make every session?

Each session will be recorded and you'll be able to carry out the practice activities in your own time.

What do I need to take part?

You will need a (free) Google account to take part in the workshops and you will need a device that can access Zoom to attend the sessions. Students enrolled in the course carry out assignments and collaborative work using Google Docs and Mural. You can use Zoom and Mural without creating an account.

How does the course run?

Improving your impact as a user researcher is delivered entirely online. Once you're registered for the program, you’ll be granted access to the course's class page. This is where you'll get links for the live sessions, watch the recordings of previous sessions, submit homework assignments, download slide decks, access project activities and view workshop notes. Class size is limited to 12 delegates to allow maximum time for questions.


The course comprises 4 x 2-hr sessions. Each session contains 1-2 workshops.

Session 1

2 hrs instructor-led training plus homework

Workshop 1: The landscape of user research tools and techniques

  • Choose the most appropriate user research methods for a project in Discovery, Alpha, Beta and Live.
  • Organise 36 user research methods by quantitative / qualitative and behaviour / attitude.
  • Identify the most useful techniques by lifecycle stage.

Workshop 2: Assessing the UX maturity of your team and organisation

  • Assess the UX maturity of a Scrum team and of your organisation using the 8 levels of UX Maturity.
  • Learn the levels of UX Maturity with the UX Maturity Game.
  • Discover how to boost the UX maturity of your organisation.
  • Assess your own organisation on the UX maturity scale and create a plan for moving your organisation to the next level of maturity.

Session 2

2 hrs instructor-led training plus homework

Workshop 3: What are the skills of a user researcher?

  • Identify the technical and soft skills that a user researcher needs in your organization.
  • What are user research competencies and how do we derive them?
  • Create and weight user research competencies for your own organisation.
  • Measure yourself against these competencies and identify areas for improvement.

Session 3

2 hrs instructor-led training plus homework

Workshop 4: Case study: Troubled team

  • You are a consultant in an organisation that specialises in user research strategy. Your client wants you to educate one of his agile teams on the value of user research. Working as a team, your task is to collect data, analyse it, make your recommendations, and justify these recommendations.
  • Persuade stakeholders to allocate time and budget for user research.
  • Confidently stand your ground with project team members critical of user research.

Session 4

2 hrs instructor-led training

Workshop 5: Case study: Recalled

  • Improve your impact as a user researcher by boosting the UX maturity of your team.
  • Decide how consulting firm UX Systems should re-boot an assignment with Newcastle Assurance.

Workshop 6: Self-reflection and the POWERful portfolio

  • Introduction to the ‘POWER’ structure for describing a case study or portfolio entry.
  • Improve your expertise as a user researcher by harnessing self-reflection.
  • How a research journal will turn you into a stronger user researcher.

How do I book?

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