UX training for teams

We make virtual house calls!

We can bring live, instructor-led training courses to you and run them via Zoom no matter where you are. Virtual UX training allows you to train distributed teams, furloughed workers or when your organisation is social distancing.

How many people do I need?

If there are 6 or more people from your company that need training, you should try virtual UX training: it's cheaper (especially when you factor in travel and hotel costs), more flexible, and you don't need a specialised training facility.

How do you keep delegate's attention with online training?

  • Our live, virtual courses are instructor-led—they are not pre-recorded videos.
  • Each module contains a number of exercises and syndicate activities to increase learning and engagement.
  • Each course is structured around 2-hr modules.
  • To maintain energy levels, each module runs on a different day.

Reasons you might want to run a virtual UX course

  • To train a distributed team, furloughed workers or when your employees are social distancing.
  • To tailor the material to the needs of your staff — so we spend most time on the areas where you feel there will be most benefit.
  • To discuss confidential material with trainers that have practical experience in solving design problems like yours.
  • To get the training urgently — we can normally deliver a course within a few weeks.
  • To encourage greater team work by inviting members from different departments.
  • To save money — our virtual training courses are cheaper than their equivalent in-house versions and your employees won't incur travel costs.
  • To save time — employees won't waste time travelling to the training venue.

What facilities do I need?

  • A device that can access Zoom.
  • Some of our interactive activities require delegates to use online tools like Mural and Google Docs, but delegates won't need a paid account.