All our content needs to be within 3 clicks You canít prototype interactivity with paper UX design is about how things look Accessibility? We donít have any disabled users User research is pointless ó users donít know what they want
We need more social media integration You canít give users too much choice Icons and pop-up help will make it much more usable Iíve met users and I know what they want If itís designed by a UX expert, we wonít need to run a user test
Letís do it like {Amazon / Apple / Google} Usability is just about asking users what they like FREE SPACE Just design it for the average user Our users search, so we donít need to improve our navigation
We can fix that in the user manual Our target market is everyone aged 16-75 Weíre doing agile so we don't need any UX deliverables Accessible sites are ugly Call to action buttons need to be {red / green / blue}
Users don't scroll Letís run a focus group! User research is too expensive The link colours need to match our brand colours We should add some marketing questions to that form

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