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Adapting your usability testing practise for mobile

Thereís no better way to get feedback on the usability of your mobile app than by running a usability test. Although the process is the same as when testing a desktop app, there are quite a few differences in the details. Adjust your test to take account of these differences and youíll be better placed to identify the real problems that real users will have with your app when used in an authentic context.

What Russian dolls and Fantastic Voyage can teach us about designing for mobile

You can't create a mobile version of a desktop system simply by shrinking the screen. You need to re-conceptualise the application and design for red routes, fat fingers and transient use.

The Wizard of Oz guide to usability testing mobile prototypes

It's easy to create a mobile prototype on a desktop computer. Whatís not quite so easy is to usability test the prototype and still allow the participant to use mobile interaction gestures like long presses and two finger pinches. We can overcome this obstacle by combining Axureís mutually exclusive non-conditional cases with Wizard of Oz usability testing.

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