Userfocus Usability Newsletter, April 2012

Welcome to the April edition of the Userfocus usability newsletter.

Message from the Editor

User Experience has certainly become flavour of the month recently. And like any new trend, some people get it, and some people don't. This month I've written down some faux-objections I've heard to user experience research, like 'Users don't know what they want'. I then pick each one apart and show why it's wrong. I hope you find it useful.

David Travis

Feature article: How to tell managers they’re wrong about UX research and still get hired

Heard these before? ‘Market research uses hundreds of people. How come you can get answers with just 5?’ ‘Our product is aimed at everyone, so we can use ourselves as users.’ ‘Users don‘t know what they want’ ‘Apple doesn‘t do user research so why should we?’ ‘Our agency does all of this for us.’ Here's how to successfully counter each of these objections. Read the article in full: How to tell managers they’re wrong about UX research and still get hired.

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User Experience quotation of the month

“Our understanding of the world is largely determined by our ability to organise information.” — Louis Rosenfeld & Peter Morville.

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